Tool – Rosetta Stoned (Drum Cover) by John Hill

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Jon Hill covers “Rosetta Stoned” by Tool at 17 years of age. Another installment in his Tool Drum Cover series.

“It has taken a long time, since I first started listening to Tool, to really wrap my head around this song. The polyrythym itself is a truly brilliant work of art and I find it hard to believe anyone could have come up with it. While parts of the song may not seem as difficult, as a whole it is one of the most elaborate songs Tool has ever released. To all those who requested I attempt this song, I know its been awhile. But finally, here it is. Enjoy.”

All of Jon’s videos are performed front to back. While some may require multiple takes, the final product captures continuous play, beginning to end, with no editing tricks.

Tool “Rosetta Stoned”
from the 2006 release 10,000 Days
is the copyrighted property of its owner(s)

This video was recorded using the following gear-

PDP Platinum (Tobacco Burst) Kick-22″ Toms-10″, 14″, 16″

DW Collector’s Series Brass Snare-14×6.5″

Sabian Cymbals-
HH Dark Crash 18″
HH Jazz Ride 20″
HH Raw Bell Dry Ride 21″

Zildjian Cymbals-
K Custom Hybrid Hats 13″
K Custom Hybrid China 19″

Audio Recorded w/
iMac and Logic Pro

Converters/ Pres-
Apogee Ensemble, 2x Great River MP500NV, 2x API 512C

2x Rode NT5 (OH), Shure SM57 (Snare), Audix I5 (Aux Snare), Audix D6 (Kick), Sennheiser e604 (Toms 1,2,&3)

XLR Cables-

Video Recorded and Edited with-

Sony Alpha a65 DSLR
Canon Vixia HFM40
JVC HD Everio Hybrid
Nikon Coolpix L18

Software Editor-
Sony Vegas Pro 11


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