Tool Live in Concert – Aftershock Festival – Sacramento, California (October 2016)

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Tool Live in concert at the Aftershock Festival (2016). Full Concert/Multi-Cam.

I tried putting this together with the best available video footage, plus 1 great audio source. Some songs have more/better angles than others, and some don’t have any footage at all, so it’s far from perfect. Video and audio have been edited. NOTE: Danny Carey had to deal with a serious Staph infection that night. Edited by “original” ToolArchive, because why not, popping in for the tour.

Sacramento, CA
Aftershock Festival

Third Eye 00:00
The Grudge 14:26
Parabola 23:54
Opiate 30:26
Ænema 41:09
A/Descending 48:40
Jambi 52:11
Forty Six & 2 1:00:30
Sweat 1:07:26
Stinkfist 1:11:40


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