Tool Live in Concert – Tool Live DVD (1993)

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Footage from Tool playing live in concert (1993). Full Concert/DVD.

Intolerance 00:00
Part Of Me 04:41
Sober 08:04
Prison Sex 13:07
Undertow 17:44
Swamp Song 23:02
Opiate 28:31
Flood 34:06
Bottom 37:30

Made another one of these things. I think this turned out pretty good. Went half nuts though with sync editing since Tool have never played with a click track. I cheated a little with this one because there’s not enough video material from 1993, so I included performances from 1992 – 1994, during which Maynard pretty much looked the same. Audio is 3 HQ SBDs from 1993. As usual, the audio and video have been edited because I tell myself I know what I’m doing.


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