Tool Live in Concert – Tool Live DVD (2006)

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This was not made by me, but by ‘Josh’ who put it out on DVD back in 2007. It’s still surprisingly good after 10 years, and all I did was remove some of the distortion and slightly improve picture quality. This is actually a really good performance, Maynard sounds great! And because I’m too lazy to do my own 2006 Live DVD (since I’m working on another year), I thought this one would be good enough.

00:00 Rosetta Stoned
12:21 Stinkfist
18:38 The Pot
25:43 Forty Six & 2
32:16 Jambi
40:07 Schism
48:07 Sober
54:02 Lateralus
1:04:44 Vicarious
1:12:19 Ænema


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