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Tool shot and destroyed two upright pianos during the recording
Filmed by producer Sylvia Massy during the recording of Tool’s
While recording Tool’s “Undertow” album, bass player Paul D’Amour and
To collect sounds to use on the band’s album “Undertow”,
This video shows how the recording was set up during
As a guest artist on the song “Bottom”, Henry Rollins
Filmed during the recording of Tool’s “Undertow” album at Sound
Every Tool song played simultaneously…revealing the true secret Fibonacci track
Footage from Tool playing live in concert (1993). Full Concert/DVD.
This one really gets cooking near the end. Danny Carey’s
This was not made by me, but by ‘Josh’ who
Reformed’s final gig got a surprise guest, Danny Carey! (the
What can you say about Rosetta Stoned? A contender for
Tool Live in Santa Cruz, CA (November 14th, 1994). Full
Tool playing live in concert – Oakland, CA (2002). Full
Absolutely fantastic Tool concert with good audio and good camerawork.
PUSCIFER Q & A (January 22 2017 – Melbourne, Australia).
Tool. Vicarious Live. HD IEM. Charlotte, NC. 2016. Matrix edit
Tool’s Adam Jones and his wife, Korin, on their artistic