John Kew – Rosetta Stoned (Drum Cover)

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What can you say about Rosetta Stoned? A contender for Tool’s best song, for sure. And it’s definitely one of their most technically complex and difficult songs.

People have been asking me to record this one for years now. But it has taken until now to do it because (1) it’s 11-minutes of polyrhythms and I’m lazy, and (2), I wanted to do it justice.

I can safely say that this was the most difficult and most rewarding song I’ve attempted. I didn’t get it perfect, but I did it to the best of my abilities currently, and I tried damned hard to get it right. And since I don’t drum for a living, and I have other obligations, this might be the best I’ll ever be. Who knows? So of all the drum covers I’ve put up here, this one takes on a special significance to me.

Hopefully that shows in the video.

I had a lot of help on the production side of this video. Many thanks to Ben Slack for mixing and mastering the audio, to Gene Kucinkas for filming, and to Will Cameron for graphic design.

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I proudly endorse Murat Diril handmade Turkish cymbals.

Recorded on Sonor Select Force maple drums, Pearl free-floating maple 14-inch snare, Murat Diril cymbals (14” Arena Hi-Hat; 10” Renaissance Splash, 18” Renaissance Crash, 18” Renaissance Dark Crash, 20” Arena Crash, 17” FX Crash and 18” Light China (Stacked), 20” Renaissance Brilliant Ride); Evans EC2 batter drum heads and G1 resonant drum heads, DW 9000 double bass pedal, DW 3000 hi hat stand, Tama drum throne, Vic Firth Danny Carey sticks, Audix Fusion overhead microphones, Apex 435 room mics, Audix D-series mics on toms and kick, Audix i5 and Shure SM57 mic on snare, M-Audio Profire 2626 interface, Pro Tools, Sony Alpha 6000, Canon T2i, Canon Vixia HF M40, and GoPro HD Hero cameras, Shure in-ear monitors.


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