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To collect sounds to use on the band’s album “Undertow”,
Every Tool song played simultaneously…revealing the true secret Fibonacci track
Filmed during the recording of Tool’s “Undertow” album at Sound
Tool. Vicarious Live. HD IEM. Charlotte, NC. 2016. Matrix edit
Tool playing live in concert at the Bojangles Coliseum in
Here is a full Tool concert, live at the DTE
Tool playing live in concert at the Bridgestone Arena in
This video shows how the recording was set up during
Jon Hill covers “Rosetta Stoned” by Tool at 17 years
Wow. Thinking back to my first drum cover, if you
Here we have Sam Westphalen performing Tool’s “Lateralus” for our
Just some crazy guy with 8 arms who likes to
Tool’s Adam Jones and his wife, Korin, on their artistic
Maynard James Keenan talks about the new Tool album in